"Space Value Thailand is a comprehensive manufacturer that brings out
the possibilities of space focusing on home building and parking businesses."

Tower Parking

Tower Parking has car elevator and fork sliding device which carries a car
to specified level and store a car to specified parking rack sterically.


As a car is stored inside building, security is very high and a car
is protected from heat by sunshine and dirt by rain or air pollution.

By turn-table embedded inside Tower, car driver do not have to reverse
a car both for into and out from Tower. - Unskilled driver also can use
Tower Parking very easy and safe.

30 - 40 cars can be parked in the tower of 30 - 40 metre height
in about 50 m2 footprint only.

  • Stored in a tower

  • About 3 cars footprint

  • 30-40 cars can be stored in a tower

  • Stand-alone type (Single)

  • Built-in Type (Parallel and Tandem)

  • Turn-table

Multi-Level Puzzle Type (Stack)

From large-scale parking structures to those for home-use,
we accommodate parking structures that leverage limited space to the maximum.
Because cars can be moved in and out of the structure by simple operation,
everybody can use this system at ease.

Retrieve (4 stories)

It can park cars at 3 to 4 levels.
Above ground : 3 stories
Under ground : 2 stories

Multi-Level Lift Type (Stack)

Suitable type, e.g, above ground type, under ground type, pit type, 2-3 stories,
can be chosen in accordance with required number of parking space and size of area.

Ease by Simple Operation

Loading & Unloading Car is easily operated by one push button.

Retrieve (2 stories)

It can park cars at two levels.
2 stories

Retrieve (2 stories Pit-type)

It can park cars under ground level.
2 stories Pit type

Conventional Car Parking

Conventional Car Parking has multi level floors and car driver drives his car
on slope and drive way to park on upper floor.

Parking space can be increased easily with minimum cost and short construction period.

By making multi level floors on plane area, it is easy to provide large number of parking space.

Suitable type, e.g, flat floor type, skip floor type, slanting floor type,
can be chosen in accordance with required number of parking space and size of area.

Factory / Warehouse

For production facilities, we provide plans with possibilities for future facility additions
and efficient layout of the lines. For warehouses, we provide optimal plans according
to the required space and the type of products that will be stored.

With our ample product lineup, we can help you comprehensively
from large spaces, offices within the plants, to break rooms.


System Building is made of standardized steel structure and large span building can be built in short construction period.

Large inner space can be provided without inside columns required for factory and warehouse.

Building plan can meet client's requirement in accordance with usage of building.

Many optional items can be adopted such as eaves, overhead travelling crane, large sized shutter, etc.

  • Warehouse

  • Factory

  • Warehouse


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