Nissei Build Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “our company”) is committed to ensuring that personal information*1 of our private and corporate customers and all of those who provide information to us (hereinafter collectively “customers”) is protected and below define our policies for the safeguarding and securing of such information.

Apr 1, 2005
Nissei Build Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Atsuhiro Morioka, President

Privacy Policy

Our company will execute the following measures concerning personal information collected from customers.

  1. For business operation purposes, our company will collect personal information such as address, name, postal code, phone/fax number, and e-mail address from customers at the following occasions:

    • Applications, requests and inquiries
    • Questionnaires and surveys
    • Business meetings, conclusion of contract etc.
    • From medium open to the public such as registry of real property and phone books
  2. Personal information submitted to us will be used for the following purposes fairly and in compliance with relative laws.

    • To provide information on products and/or services of our company or partners.
    • To execute contract terms
    • To respond to inquiries or document requests from customers
    • To conduct market research and to develop new products/services
    • To execute and/or confirm tasks related to our business other than the above listed items
  3. Our company and/or an external party which has signed a nondisclosure agreement with our company (hereinafter "entrusted company") will lawfully and logically manage the personal information submitted by our customers. However, we may disclose personal information without customer's consent when there is a lawful request from a court, governmental or regulatory agency.

  4. We will endeavor to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification or leak of personal information.

    We will continuously review our measures and improve them whenever necessary to fully comply with respective laws and other standards at all time.

  5. Should customers request for the disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, termination of use, elimination etc. of their personal information held by our company, upon verification of identity, we will respond to the requests within a logical time frame and range. However, we may not be able to comply with such requests in the following cases: the request will cause significant impedance to our company business or the laws prohibit the requested action. We appreciate your understanding in advance that depending on the type of the request, we may ask you to bear the processing fee.

Should customers wish to confirm, amend or have other requests concerning their personal information, or find that our privacy practices are not in accordance with our privacy policies, please contact us ( through our customer service center (open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). We will respond by e-mail after confirming the requests and/or complaints and endeavor for relevant processing.

Note 1

"Personal information" here refers to the personal information of customers such as name, age, date of birth, gender, address, phone number, e-mail address, company information and so on that our company collects for business purposes which individually or by a combination identify a specific customer.